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A coda for 12.15 that answers the question of why Dean no longer seems to be afraid of hellhounds.

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One of you wonderful people wrote some Sam/Rowena smut. It took place in S10 but I don't know if it was written during S10 or later. I do know it involved Sam having Rowena in chains in the Brewery of Doom. I forgot to bookmark it and it's killing me. It was written by someone I follow and hopefully someone who follows me as well. If anyone remembers this fic, please give a shout!

Found in the comments, thanks to the ever lovely [livejournal.com profile] frozen_delight!
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I've been thinking a lot about Mary's actions this season, particularly in 12.12. I came down pretty hard on her, but some Tumblr conversations have got me rethinking things.

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Sorry the 12.10 poll is so late; I hope you haven't forgotten the episode!

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Since this week brings the end of the Supernatural winter hiatus, Dean's birthday, and National Pie Day, I think that calls for a quick little celebratory Dean fic. Except, it was written by me, so it's not actually particularly celebratory. Oh well. (Also, it was basically composed in the shower this morning, and it shows. Oh well again.)

The title is from "Hey Jude" by the Beatles, which is of course the song Mary sang to wee Dean when he was sick, and has very little to do with this fic, but I find titles troublesome and problematic and ask that you roll with it.

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