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Just when you were starting to doubt that this is a great time to be alive, it looks like we might be getting that Wayward Daughters spinoff after all. (Although a different site said it would be called Wayward Sisters? Pfft. You're missing the point, guys.)

They are literally so adorable I cannot stand it.

And this made me think. J2 have talked about sticking with Supernatural for "at least 300 episodes," which sounds like the 300th ep could be some kind of endpoint in their minds. And if I remember right, they'll hit this milestone in season 14? Does that sound right? (Yeah, I know, I could do the math myself, but I'm not going to.)

Anyway. Not that I want the guys to leave, but they have kids and lives and they're not going to want to split their time between Austin and Vancouver forever. But what if this is a way for them to ease out of a full-time show without leaving us altogether? What if Sam and Dean semi-retire from hunting and become advisors, Bobby Singer-style, to the Wayward Daughters? What if they just show up on a few episodes a year?

Or, even better, what if they show up on every episode, just in one brief scene? What if every episode includes a call to or from the Winchesters? The Js could film it in Austin, so they'd never have to go back to Canada. They'd only need a tiny crew. Jensen could direct. Jared could do his own hair. It'd be perfect.

I have an entire tag on Tumblr called 'please let jared style sam's hair." It is a good tag.

In fact, what if some episodes start with the boys calling the girls about a case, like Charlie's Angels? And Dean would be all, "Angels, we heard about a bunch of exsanguinations in Des Moines" and Sam would roll his eyes but would also be not-quite-so-secretly amused and Dean would get a kick out of himself. I like it.

Hello angels; this is Dean.

And furthermore, what if this phone call always shows the guys in a close-up, and when they end the call, the camera pulls back and you see that they're up to something crazy or interesting or just plain sexy in their retirement? Like shirtless deep-sea fishing or yoga (in tank tops) or rock climbing (in shorts) or getting hot stone massages (wearing nothing but tiny towels) or walking the red carpet (in tuxedos) or oh! Imagine them saying "good luck, ladies" and they hang up and the camera pulls back, way back, and it's sunset and they're on the rim of the Grand Canyon?!

Yeah, I need this.

(here's another interesting story about the spinoff.)
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Yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] themegalosaurus alerted me to this little bit of fluff on Tumblr...

Did I say fluff? I mean life-changing moment. In case you missed it:

That's right, friends. I have been on E! News. The lovely [livejournal.com profile] crowroad3 and I were the focus of a groundbreaking story about the esteemed literary genre of Supernatural fanfiction. (You'll notice we both declined interview requests... we're very private people.)

What happens next, you ask? Well, obviously, the Supernatural cast, writers, and show runners are going to watch this important news item and will be intrigued enough to scour the internet until they find that very fic.(And no, that wasn't a random screenshot grabbed by an intern who was told to get a visual of fanfic. Obviously a producer picked out that shot and that fic for very particular reasons.) When they read it, they'll feel compelled to read everything I've written - fic, reviews, meta, and other nonsense - and they'll say hey, this caranfindel person has some amazing insight, she knows what we're doing wrong and what we should be doing instead; we need her on our team. I'll then become a writer (head writer, perhaps, but probably not in my first year) and when that happens, you know what's coming next. That's right, guys. A season on a boat. It's coming. I can feel it. Everything is falling into place. (For me, anyway. Crowroad is a poet, and therefore will probably feel compelled to withdraw from society and move to her own personal Walden Pond. Such is the life of the tortured artist.)

(Seriously, how funny is this? First, I don't even know what LJ community that screenshot is from - I don't recognize it at all. And it shows on the screen when they're talking about FF.net and don't even mention LJ. Second, the theory that fans wrote Wincest because there were no other relationships in the first two seasons of the show? Ha ha ha ha ha no. And what did they call us? Supernatties or something like that? Please don't.)
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Well, there's only a couple of days left until the Hellatus is over. How are we feeling?

How you doing? )

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It's hard to believe 2014 was my first full calendar year in the SPN fandom. You've all made it a ridiculously fun experience.

Thanks to all of you who have participated in my sometimes ridiculous polls, and read/commented on my fic and reviews. And thanks for sharing your own reviews and fic and art and meta and everything. Being able to talk, and laugh, and complain, and speculate, and fangirl with you guys... I can't adequately explain what it means to me.

I don't make resolutions, but I do have some things I hope to accomplish in 2015.

1. Continue to have a poll for each episode of S10.
2. Continue to write a drabble for each episode of S10.
3. Fill out a row on my SPNspiration bingo card.
4. Finish the sequel to my version of what happened after 9.23 before it, too, is completely Kripke'd.
5. Participate in another Big Bang.
6. Maybe participate in Summergen? I don't know. This one scares me.

Anyway. I've got work to do. Happy new year, y'all!
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Who do you watch Supernatural with?

Is this a meme? Can I start a meme?

I don't actually have anyone in real life. My daughter used to watch it, but she lost interest after season 5 - she likes MOTWs, not long story arcs.

My husband occasionally sits in for part of an episode but he has remained immune to Show's charms so far - for the most part. I don't understand this. He saw the end of Nightshifter. He saw the end of AHBL1. He saw the beginning of Lazarus Rising. These are pivotal moments, people. If Dean digging his way out of his own grave doesn't make you want to watch, then I don't even know what to say.

He said it's not a bad show, but he doesn't understand what I see in it. And no, I did not say "Hello, have you seen those guys?" I said it's funny, it's sad, it's spooky, it's full of awesome pop culture references (it's pretty, oh God it's so pretty), yada yada yada. And he said that's what surprised him, because I typically do not like sad TV/movies. Well, the thing is, I don't like manipulative sad tearjerkers that have no goal other than to make you cry. But Supernatural is not that show.

He also said it's always some beautiful woman wanting to kill the guys. And I said no, sometimes the beautiful woman gets killed. ;-)

But there might be hope for him. We were both home on a weekday not long ago (doesn't normally happen) and I was of course watching Show reruns on TNT while I did housework. In fact, I was (of course) watching them twice, since TNT West shows the same episodes a couple of hours later. So he caught parts of Caged Heat and Appointment in Samara. Enough to know that Sam didn't have his soul, Dean wanted to get Sam's soul back, but everyone kept telling Sam it would kill him or leave him a drooling wreck. So, the husband watched Dean cram Sam's soul back into him and then said, with a sigh, "Okay. Tell me. What happens?"

So maybe he'll become a fan someday!

(Funny, though... he made his comment about beautiful women wanting to kill the guys while I was watching the beginning of Appointment in Samara. And when we saw Dr. Robert's assistant, who is a beautiful woman, he said "So, I guess she's evil." And I'm like, well, no, but you're right, she is going to kill Dean. So yeah, can't argue with that part of his logic.)


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