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Before we get started, I need to tell you that I was going through the season's recaps, looking for something I'd written earlier, and it took forever because I was compelled to re-read all of your comments. You're all so clever and funny and kind and observant. You're my family. I love you. I love all of you.

Now, let's do this!

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Yes, this is very late. Real Life has been uncooperative. I don't know if anyone even cares about my opinion any more. But here it is anyway.

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Also, as you can see, I'm crossposting to Dreamwidth. I'm not leaving LJ, but I know some people are, and I want to have a presence on both sites, because it would be a goddamn tragedy if anyone missed the opportunity to read this kind of quality content. I also think it's good to have a backup.
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Before we get started, let me apologize for not replying to comments much lately. LJ is doing this thing on my phone where I click inside the text entry box and get maybe one or two characters typed and then it reloads and reloads and keeps reloading and it's very frustrating. You all had good, important things to say.

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As always, I haven't read any of your reactions, though I did peek at Tumblr. Also, I have to tell you something that I swear I am not making up:

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And a bonus!

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