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Was the episode as good as I thought it was, or was I simply going through withdrawal? Because I thought it was pretty awesome.
Things that made me squeal (in glee or pain) )
Angel and demon love

Angel and demon love (not like that) )

Questions )

The Ezekiel (Gadreel) situation
The Ezekiel (Gadreel) situation )

Anyway, that's my take. I'm unspoiled for next week, so please help me stay that way!
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Um. Here be the spoiler. )
That's all I can say right now. More later when I'm coherent.
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Once again my opinion of an episode seems to be the opposite of most... I really enjoyed this one. I was visiting the inlaws for Thanksgiving and didn't get to watch it until Wednesday morning (on my iPad, thank you CW for putting it online!), and the only room in the house with decent wifi reception was right next to the one that held my sleeping mother-in-law. I was unspoiled regarding Dean's soliloquy so I spent some time with my hand clamped over my mouth to stifle the laughter! Anyway, here we go...
Things I loved, things I could have done without... )
The Zeke situation
Oh, Dean, you poor miserable lying guilty son of a bitch. You never had any control over this situation, and I guess you finally realize it. Or do you? Ask yourself why Sam has gone from jogging to falling (adorably) asleep over his cereal. Ask yourself why Vesta would wonder how he's alive if Zeke is so close to healing him. Ask yourself who, exactly, is really being healed here. On second thought, don't. You don't want to know.
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I was SO unspoiled for this episode. There was something in the air, I knew people were excited about it, but I literally knew NOTHING. I even blocked the names of the guest stars once I started watching. So imagine my surprise when I was apparently the only person on the internets who didn't love this one. In fact, I, uh, kind of hated it.

Things that bothered me (some petty, some not, and one REALLY HUGE THING I WILL NEVER GET OVER) )

Now that I've got that off my chest, there was at least one thing that delighted me - when Dean asked Sam if "everyone" was okay with us going to the Catskills. Oh, Dean. You are turning into the Dean from that [livejournal.com profile] counteragent story with the weird shit you say, and I love you so much for it.

Again, I'm unspoiled for next week (will they even have a new episode next week, since it's Thanksgiving week in the U.S.?), please help me stay that way!
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So, I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Usually after I watch an episode, my reaction is either "OMG, can't wait to watch that again" or "Yeah, I think I'm gonna rewatch a good one just to cleanse my palate." This one was just... "Huh. Okay." I guess it got some things moving, so that's a good thing.
Believe it or not, it's just meeeee... (good/annoying things, scenes from the writer's room, unanswered questions, color meta!) )

The Zeke situation
Show went to a lot of trouble to remind us of the Zeke situation during the "Then," but didn't really address it in the episode itself. I guess they just wanted us to not forget? There was a subtle nod, when Dean didn't want Sam to accompany him on his trip. I assumed he was going to talk to Cas about Zeke. Honestly, it took me way too long to figure out that it's simply that he still needs to keep Sam and Cas apart because he's told them different stories (Also, Sam, if you're so worried about Cas, pick up the damn phone. Jeez.). When we saw Sam on the phone near the end, he was facing away from the camera and there was a blue light on his face - I expected this to be Zeke-related, but I guess it was just the light from his phone. But why not show Sam's face? Anyone else find that odd?

OMG, guys, what if Crowley knows Sam's been touched by an angel, and he didn't want angel blood???

As always, I am unspoiled for next week. I don't even know the episode title. Please don't spoil me!!! :-)
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I'm writing my review before reading anyone else's (other than the [livejournal.com profile] counteragent poll) so after I start reading what everyone else thought, I'll probably change my mind and be ashamed of myself. But right now, I've got to say I absolutely loved 9.05! I'm so glad I had low expectations for this episode, because that made it so much better when I unwrapped this hour of unforeseen cracktastic fabulosity. They put me in the mood right at the beginning, with a "Then" sequence full of previous crack episodes (and is it just me, or was that one of the best "Then" sequences EVER???) and it just kept getting better and better.

Let me count the ways! )

The Zeke situation

I love the way Show likes to give us a ridiculous comedy episode that seems to have nothing to do with the story arc, and then throw something important in there. At the beginning, we have Sam insisting that he feels perfectly wonderful, and Dean has a little moment of huh, yeah, that's interesting, he does seem to be better and yet that angel is still all up in his business. And at the end, we have Sam wondering why the monster would ask "what" he is (yes, Sam, that's a very good question, isn't it?). And of course Dean's suddenly self-aware explanation about someone possessed by something he couldn't control, and it's a matter of time before it completely took over and Dean, do you know what we call this? FORESHADOWING. I think I love the way they're stretching this out and not letting us forget or ignore what's going on (though, still, flashy are blue eyes NOT NECESSARY); just showing Dean's growing concern and Sam's occasional discovery of a clue.

Anyway. If your standards are higher than mine I'm sure you thought this episode was a trainwreck, but I'm still basking in the afterglow over here. I avoided the previews for next week, as usual, so please don't tell me what's coming!
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After reading a few reviews I can see most people liked this episode more than I did. I didn't hate it, and in fact it had a lot of moments that I loved, but on the whole, it just kind of left me wanting more. Not more of this; more of something else. (Also? This is the first season I've watched in real time, and it really sucks not being able to say "Eh, that was okay, but I bet the next one will be better" and then immediately start watching the next one. Oh well. First world problems.)Things I loved/didn't love, unanswered questions, scenes from the writers' room, current take on the Zeke situation )
Finally... As [livejournal.com profile] monicawoe pointed out, if they get the map table to track angels, isn't it going to show there's an angel in the bunker? Is this going to be the reveal? I can see the look of horror and realization on Sam's face... "Dean... there's an angel here! In the bunker!" Yeah, I think I want this to happen.
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Technology failed me again, as I accidentally set the season to record on the non-HD channel rather than the HD version. If you haven't seen non-HD channels on an HD TV, it's not just that they're "not HD." The proportions are screwed up and things are cut off and the colors are muddy and I just... ugh. I had to rewatch on Hulu to get the full effect. And sit through the commercials like a damn animal. But! Enough whining! On with the Show!

(As usual, I have avoided any previews for next week, so it's entirely possible that my speculation has been either proven or disproven already.)

Anyway. I was pleasantly surprised with the way Cas's humanity was portrayed. It was more "Wow, I never realized how much this sucks" and less "what is this urinating thing you speak of?", which would have been annoying as hell. I thought it was actually done pretty well, considering what the writers are capable of.

The things I loved

  • Cas calling himself "Clarence." This filled me with joy.

  • "I'm letting you know. I'm LETTING. YOU. KNOW." Oh, Dean. You are so subtle.

  • "Never do that again." "Okay." Poor Dean. So upset about Cas's death, yet so quick to turn to Sam instead of just-resurrected Cas.

  • "You lied " "I do that." Yes, you do, Dean. Sometimes really well, and sometimes not so much.

  • "I just read pie. The rest is blah blah blah." Never change, Dean.

Things that broke my heart, scenes from the writers' room, unanswered questions... )The Big Thing!!!
When Zeke flipped out about Cas being there... my first thought was, how can anybody still think he might be a good guy? But then I thought, maybe that's too obvious? Maybe Show is trying to trick us into thinking he's a big bad, but will reveal he's actually a good guy? And then I went into this whole Princess Bride "I can clearly not pick the goblet closer to me" spiral and it made my head hurt. But seriously. Bring him back from the dead, allow him to be brought home to the bunker, and then freak out about him being there? It's suspicious, Zeke. Just saying.

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I didn't expect this episode to be as good as 9.01, since it would have to set up a story, and I was right, but it still had its moments.

Things that made me go squee

  • Dean calling Kevin "Katniss."  \o/

  • Samzekiel's angel wings! \o/

  • "You killed three demons by yourself?" "I'm awesome."

  • Are we gonna fight or make out, cause I'm getting mixed signals.

  • Kevin's in the family! Though, given the family history, this may not be such a good thing for you, Kevin

  • We were given hope that Mama Tran is alive.

  • Kevin Solo!

Things I'm ashamed to admit I really enjoyed

  • Abbadon threatening Dean

  • Abbadon pawing at Dean.

  • Basically, Abbadon and Dean

Things that made me sad

  • Abbadon asking Dean if he's ever heard a woman screaming because he's pulling her guts out. You know what? He probably has. See: Hell.

  • No Castiel. Although this plays into my theory (see below) about Ezekiel.

  • Sam is finally happy? Surrounded by "family" and "friends" which consist of one brother, one prophet, and a demon chained in the basement?  THS IS A BAD SIGN, SAMMY.

  • Tracy being mean to Sammy. I will smite you, bitch.

Things that made me yell at the TV

  • The brothers' plan to get the names of all the demons from Crawley and then go kill them. Seriously? When it takes, like, 5 seconds for a demon to posess a new body? You think you're gonna be able to just round them all up that way?

  • They just left Irv's body? Didn't give him a hunter's funeral? WTF?

  • "I'm a good guy, but I guess that's what a bad guy would say." YES, DEAN. YES IT IS.

My predictions

I haven't seen the previews and I don't even know the episode title for next week, so this is all just conjecture on my part, and it may already be known to be true or untrue. I was disappointed that we didn't see Cas, and I'm anxious for him to get to the bunker, but it occurred to me in the shower (where I do all my thinking) that they could be dragging this out because once Cas sees Samzekiel, he's going to know it's not really Ezekiel in there. Samzekiel's raggedy, damaged angel wings give credence to his claim to have been injured in the fall, but I still don't trust that guy.

Also, I was initially disappointed in Jared's portrayal of Samekiel because, while he usually does a FANTASTIC job of playing Not!Sam, I thought he was really too wooden and robotic compared to the guy who played Zeke in 9.01. But now I know Jared actually came up with that character first, so the other actor (whose name I can't recall) is the one who wasn't following Jared's lead. Too bad. (Also, Jared tweeted that his father wanted to name him Zeke! Hee!)

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Spoilers ahoy!

First, I'm having DVR issues and I couldn't get the TV remote to work, so even though it was recording, I couldn't actually tune into the CW until 15 or 20 minutes into the show. There was much cursing. But it ended up being a good thing because I was able to skip all the commercials.

Second, I tried to remain unspoiled, which was obviously futile (because, hello, Internet), but I only knew vague things. Which led to several delightful things I didn't expect...

When we opened on a seemingly-healthy Sam in the car with Dean, I thought they were going to have him collapse later in the episode, which would have completely ignored his fragile state at the end of Sacrifice and I was not happy. So the fake-out completely faked me out and I loved it.

I was also faked out by the Bobby spoilers. I was not happy about Bobby coming back as a character. Not that I don't adore Bobby, but the impact of Bobby's death decreases every time he comes back. So having him come back simply as a figment of Sam's mind was perfect and beautiful and thank you, writers. Because of course Bobby's going to be in Sam's head.

I knew Dean was going to do something inappropriate to save Sam, and like many fans, I assumed it was going to involve demon blood. I absolutely did not see that twist coming.

Other things I loved...

  • Crowley is in the trunk. Oh my f-ing god, Crowley is still in the trunk. (But where did the weapons go?)

  • Death's respect for Sam. Now, can we assume that this really is Death talking, and not Death as a figment of Sam's imagination? I hope so.

  • Dean surreptitiously marking the angel banishing sigil on the floor. I love you, badass Dean.

  • Castiel surreptitiously fastening his seatbelt and grabbing the steering wheel. I love you, badass Cas. (I also love you clad only in boxers. Just saying.)

  • The fact that Dean (via Ezekiel) was able to hear Sam's wish to die, and stay dead, so that he wouldn't cause any more harm to others. Dean, please see how fucked up your baby brother is. Please see what you do to him when you sacrifice yourself for him.

Things that made me sad, things I was confused about, things I didn't like... )
Bottom line... Show is back, and there was much rejoicing. \o/


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