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In which our heroine writes 16K words and then starts to wonder if it's going to annoy people.

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Do we know when John acquired the truck and passed the Impala down to Dean? I couldn't find an answer in the wiki.
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I seriously doubt anyone wants to know this much about me, but here goes.

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I think I just confirmed that I'm the most boring person on earth.
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Since some of my flist are also Fannibals, I'm going to take a short break from our regularly scheduled programming and discuss Hannibal. Spoilers ahead for 2.11, "Ko No Mono."
What the fuck?

Seriously, what the fuck?

Freddie's alive? Does that mean Will is scamming Hannibal?


What the fuck?

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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I'm working on a fic with a scene that takes place in and around Bobby's panic room, and I suddenly realized - that place locks from the outside. Why would you want a panic room that locks from the outside? Shouldn't the lock be on the inside? Otherwise, whatever you're hiding from can just lock you in and leave, right?

Also, I had a medical test done recently that required me to lie on a cot with my arms hanging straight out over the sides, like this. (No, there was no devil's trap on the floor - not that I noticed, anyway.)

And you know what? That really hurts. After just a minute or so, my arms, especially my elbows, were extremely sore. Filming this scene must have been excruciating.

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I've seen posts that refer to Crowley "torturing" Gadreel/Sam in 9.10, and my question is, was that really torture?
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What do you think?
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At what point does Dean find out that Sam ingested demon blood as a baby? Not just knowing that Azazel did something to him, but knowing that he actually fed his blood to Sam.

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I'm working on a fic and I'm having problems reconciling some of Lilith's motivation. Here's what I know about her:

  1. She's the new sheriff in town, apparently replacing Azazel.

  2. She wants Sam gone. Presumably she wants him dead, since she tried to kill him after the hellhounds came for Dean.

  3. She wanted Dean in Hell so he would break the first seal.

  4. She's working with Ruby to trick Sam into breaking the last seal so Lucifer will rise.

But 2 doesn't make sense. If Lilith is Lucifer's minion, why would she want to destroy his vessel? What am I missing?


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