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Whoops. I can't believe I forgot to post the results of the Most Rewatchable Episode of Season 8 poll!

I think I was blocking it because I was disappointed when The Great Escapist didn't show up in the list of finalists. Because how can you not love an episode that gives us this?
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It's time to narrow down our choices and pick the one most rewatchable episode of season 8. The finalists are:

LARP and the Real Girl - This one is adorable, mostly due to Dean's barely concealed joy in cosplaying. And goodness, he looks yummy doing it. I'm not a fan of the wig at the end (or Sam's ponytail, to tell the truth) but the rest of it is fabulous. Any episode that gives me Winchesters in tall leather boots is a good thing in my book.

Everybody Hates Hitler - This one didn't make a huge impression on me the first time I watched it, and I don't know why, because now I love it. So many wonderful versions of Sam: Badass!Sam poisoned with a dart but still fighting, Smart!Sam recognizing the library call numbers, and most importantly, HotProfessor!Sam being his hot professory self. Plus, the guys warming their hands over the burning corpse, which is one of those "this is the show in a nutshell" moments.

Pac-Man Fever - The second good Charlie episode in season 8, this one is awesome because we get Trials!Sam and Uniform!Dean, and Dean being all protective and that great hug at the end.

Sacrifice - This one ticks so many boxes. Trials!Sam, Badass!Sam, Cas and Dean's conversation in the bar, Abaddon snarking at Crowley, Crowley singing David Bowie and becoming almost human, Metatron's surprise betrayal, and the beautiful and heart-rending ending.

So, what's it going to be? You only get to pick one this time! Please make your choice by midnight on Thursday (your time zone), August 6.

[Poll #2018506]

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Like season 7, season 8 is a mixed bag for me. I tend to not remember it as one of my favorites, mostly because of the front half (yeah, Amelia, I'm looking at you). And yet I'm going through this list and realizing there are a lot of episodes that I really love. And then, of course, there's Sam's S8 hair!

So, let's pick the most rewatchable episodes of season 8. Remember, in this round, you can vote for as many episodes as you like - we'll narrow it down in the next round. And tell your friends, because the more votes we have, the more scientifically accurate the poll is.

Mmm. You know me. I'm in it for the science.

Please vote by midnight (your time zone) on Friday, July 31.

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Here's a little ghost for the offering
Length: 4500 words
Rating: PG 13 for language
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Benny Lafitte
Spoilers: Front half of season 8
Synopsis: Dean gets a surprise after he returns from Purgatory. Fills a prompt (link at the end of the fic) from the [livejournal.com profile] ohsam fifth anniversary challenge.

A Sam-focused h/c challenge!

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Length: About 1450 words
Rating: PG for language
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Spoilers: through season 8; takes place during the trials
Synopsis: During the trials, Sam has food issues. Companion piece to Coda, which you might want to read first but don't necessarily have to. Fills the run-on sentences square on my [livejournal.com profile] spnspiration bingo card.

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