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Yes, this is very late. Real Life has been uncooperative. I don't know if anyone even cares about my opinion any more. But here it is anyway.

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Also, as you can see, I'm crossposting to Dreamwidth. I'm not leaving LJ, but I know some people are, and I want to have a presence on both sites, because it would be a goddamn tragedy if anyone missed the opportunity to read this kind of quality content. I also think it's good to have a backup.
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I just realized I'm not going to be able to post a recap of 12.01 the day after it airs. Maybe not until Monday. Which is very distressing (to me, probably not to you). I'm not happy about the move to Thursday - it means I only have one day before the weekend to get my thoughts online. (Not that I'm doing it at work or anything... goodness no... I would never.)

Anyway. How about a ridiculous little pre-S12 poll?

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Sam is on his knees, hands bound behind his back, coughing up his own blood, knowing the face of the MoL's enforcer is the last thing he'll ever see, vision going dark around the edges, when he sees Dean run into the room, face frozen in horror, and somehow Mom is with him, somehow Mom and Dean are together, somehow his last desperate hope actually came true and Billie relented and let his brother into Heaven with their mother, and maybe they're here to meet Sam as he leaves this world, maybe Sam will be allowed to join them and maybe he won't, but it doesn't matter, this is enough, Dean made it to Heaven and Sam got to see him one last time and this is enough, so he struggles to his feet and it hurts, oh god it hurts, but he will not meet death on his knees, not this time, and he smiles before he spits a mouthful of blood at the bastard who twisted the blade into his gut, because this is a good day to die.
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Because [livejournal.com profile] spnopera is coming!

Stories and art will be posted beginning tomorrow, and so many of my favorite writers and artists are on the list... this is going to be awesome!


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