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One of you wonderful people wrote some Sam/Rowena smut. It took place in S10 but I don't know if it was written during S10 or later. I do know it involved Sam having Rowena in chains in the Brewery of Doom. I forgot to bookmark it and it's killing me. It was written by someone I follow and hopefully someone who follows me as well. If anyone remembers this fic, please give a shout!

Found in the comments, thanks to the ever lovely [livejournal.com profile] frozen_delight!
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I've had a story simmering in the back of my head for a while now... Maybe this is what it takes to bring it to a full boil.
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All these wounds that I can't get unwound
Length: About 1200 words
Rating: Gen, PG for language
Warnings: None. A wee bit fluffy.
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Spoilers: Through 11.14

A coda for 11.14.

Dean gets a second, just one second, to think everything's okay. Then he's hurtled from one nightmare into another. Then Cas turns into Lucifer and jesus fuck, that's just too much to process right now - he can't think about the doomed people on the sub and he can't think about Cas and he can't think about Lucifer and Sam's crumpled on the floor, bloodstained and shivering, and here's something he can think about. Here's something he has to think about.

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And "hurt" is both a verb and an adjective here, because you can either read about hurt Sam, or you can hurt him yourself using one or more of many fantastic prompts for inspiration. Go check it out!

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I might not post a prompt. I might not fill a prompt. But DAMN I'm looking forward to the results. :D

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It's Groundhog Day, and on this glorious day, a SamGirl's thoughts turn to one of the few truly Sam-centric episodes of Supernatural (and is it a coincidence that it's also one of our favorites?)...

Mystery Spot!

Prepare for the picspam:
These tacos taste funny to you? )

So, in honor of this great day, how about pimping your Mystery Spot fanworks? Fics, vids, art, reviews, meta, anything! Or, if not your own, your favorites by other fans? Here's my fic. Share yours!


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