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Anyone(s) available to beta (redacted)? And I'm serious about that plural... the more, the merrier. Though I can't use anyone who's arting for the 2016 [livejournal.com profile] spnhorrorbang since this is my submission for that. I feel okay about spelling and grammar; I'm mostly looking for logic, continuity, and for someone to help determine if this really is a horror story or just a series of extremely unfortunate events followed by a very dark ending. (Oh my god, so much to read, so far behind on LJ...)

Beta me?

May. 3rd, 2016 01:42 pm
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I'm looking for someone, or hopefully someones, to beta my [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang fic. It's a gen fic, a little less than 21K, and I'd need it within a week or so. I'm not too worried about spelling, grammar, etc., I'm mostly looking for someone to tell me if it makes sense, if it follows canon and logic, and if it's so boring it really shouldn't be released onto the world.

{makes puppy dog eyes at you}

{aw, hell, I know someone who can make better puppy dog eyes than I can}

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In which our heroine writes 16K words and then starts to wonder if it's going to annoy people.

[Poll #2039262]

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Me, in bed at night, trying to work through the point where I'm stuck in my fic: Oh, that'll work. That's brilliant. Fits with canon, fits with the rest of the story, absolutely perfect.

Me, in the shower the next morning: That is absolutely the stupidest idea I've ever had.
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Hey, look, I'm doing that weekly post thingie again. What's happening this week?
Read more... )

See you on the other side!

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Everyone's doing these awesome year in review posts, and I'm just. Ugh. Fail. :-) So instead, here are my fandom resolutions for 2016...

Continue to write a review of every episode, with purty screencaps. So far, so good.

Continue to post a poll after every episode, and a few extras just for fun. Again, so far, so good.

Write episode tags when I'm inspired. Last year, I wrote one for every episode, and it was hard to come up with an idea sometimes. Also, since I was sticking to what actually happened on the show, and not what I wanted to happen, they sometimes turned into that kind of fanfic that I don't even like - the kind that's just a character going over things in their head, but nothing new happens. So now, I'm only writing tags when I'm inspired to actually write something: unnamed drabble (11.01), unnamed drabble (11.02), Burning Out His Fuse Up Here Alone (11.02), We've Got Tonight (11.04), and Fall On Your Knees (Oh Hear The Angel Voices) (11.09).

Fill in at least two more squares on my Spnspiration Bingo Card. I've been working on this for a little over a year and I'll never fill all the squares, but maybe I'll get a Bingo someday.

Write a case fic. This one's pretty close to being done, and I can't decide if I want to save it for a Big Bang, or just post it on its own.

Summergen, maybe? I don't know. This one's pretty intimidating. I had fun writing to prompts in the Oh Sam Triple Play Challenge, but I got to choose the prompts myself. Being assigned a prompt is way different.

Put all of my writing on AO3. Well, not all of it. Some of it should just quietly go away. ;-)
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A meme! Borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] kalliel and [livejournal.com profile] elwarre and who knows who else...

1. What are some writing tics that persist in your work but that you dislike?

I'm not sure I can answer this. I mean, if I dislike something, and it persistently shows up in my writing, I should be able to recognize it and stop it, right? This feels more like something I should ask the reader - what tics do I have, that I don't realize I have, and I need to stop?

Well, okay, here's one that I do recognize and can't seem to stop. I seem to find it hard to write Sam. This makes no sense. I'm a devout Sam!Girl. But for some reason, every time I start a Sam story, Dean takes over. Is it because the show usually only gives us Sam as seen through Dean's eyes? Take Coda, for example. Coda started out as a story about Sam - the whole thing sprang from one sentence, "Sam hasn't eaten a steak since he got out of Hell." And it turned into a tale of Dean's trauma and angst, and by the time it got to Sam and his steak, I'm not sure how many readers even got that Dean wasn't reacting to the steak, but to his realization of what he'd done to Sam by trying to get him to eat it. Oddly enough, once I wrote the story from Dean's POV, I was able to go back and write it from Sam's. But Dean's story insisted on being told first.

(I mean, I wrote a Mystery Spot story from Dean's POV. I took one of the few really good pro-Sam, Sam-centric episodes and made it all about Dean. Who does this? What kind of Sam!Girl does this?)

2. What does your id want? Do you ever give in?

My id wants to do things I can't do. My id wants to write beautiful, surreal, dark, dreamy things. But my superego says "Sorry, dear, we're simply incapable of that. Don't even try."

3. You have to erase one of your fics from existence forever. Which one and why?

Probably my first one. It's not bad, per se. I just think it could have been a lot better.

4. How much do you trust the reader?

Either too much or not enough. I worry that I'm leaving things unclear. I worry that I'm explaining too much, to the point that it's boring or insulting. For example, in Til the sandman he comes, I really wanted to have Sam explicitly say that this must really be Dean, because Dean knows the words to the song that Sam doesn't know. But that felt like overkill. Until I posted it, and then I was all, damn, this is too subtle. No one's going to get it.

So, I guess the answer to that question is "I have no idea."

5. Have you ever written anything you would’ve backclicked if it’d been written by anyone else?

No. I stay in my comfort zone; I don't write my squicks.

(And yet I have this Wincest drabble bunny in my head that will not go away, dammit, and I may have to exorcise it by writing it. Possibly under an assumed name.)

(As if Caranfindel wasn't an assumed name.)

6. What’s your guilty pleasure as a writer?

Writing itself is a guilty pleasure for me.

7. Be honest: are you mean to your faves, or do you go easy on them?

That depends on what you mean by "go easy" on them. Am I a cruel, capricious god who unleashes whump and despair onto characters I love? Absolutely. Do I say mean things about them? Do I blame Sam Winchester for anything, ever? No. (But I do let him blame himself. Hence the despair.)

8. What parts of writing a fic do you think are a chore?

The mechanics. Formatting, putting it online. Writing a summary. God, I hate summaries. I tend to make mine vague because I don't want to give away too much of the story (and once or twice I have seen a rec to one of my fics that completely gives it away, and I'm torn between being absolutely thrilled that someone would care enough to rec it, and distraught that they also spoiled the ending) but then I think too-vague summaries are annoying, so, yeah. Summaries. Hate 'em.

9. Are there any unintentional trends in your writing?

Run on sentences, sentences that just go on and on, barely giving the reader a chance to take a breath, with something repeated at the end, repeated because it's important, because the character really feels it.

And fragments.

"And clunky dialog," she said.

"Clunky? What do you mean?" he replied.

"Like this," she said softly. "Lots of said."

"Well, if you know that's bad," he smiled, "why don't you do something about it?"

She sighed. "It's not that easy."

(Nothing is that easy. Ever.)

(Did I mention internal monologue? In parentheses, or italics, or both? Is it a trend? A habit? A crutch? An affectation? A useful device?)

And the language, jesus fuck, the language. It's goddamn inappropriate, is what it is. Although, to be fair, I think this what the characters would sound like if they weren't on the CW, you know? There's no way Dean would yell at someone about their "freaking" apple pie, for fuck's sake.

(Also, that one's not actually unintentional. But it's definitely a trend.)

10. Have you ever intentionally written a character as OOC to fit with a kink/prompt/story idea?

Does Evil!Sam count? Because Sam Winchester is sweetness and light and everything that is good and beautiful, so obviously Evil!Sam is OOC. No matter how hot he may be.

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I've been tagged by [livejournal.com profile] frozen_delight and [livejournal.com profile] steeplechasers to play the seven lines from the seventh page of your WIP meme. Shockingly, I actually have two WIPs that have a page seven, so here's one of them.


Sometimes the Mark whispers, sometimes it screams. Sometimes it speaks in voices stolen from those Dean respected and feared; from his father, from Death, because when they told him Sam had to die, he said yes, he promised it would be done, and they have not forgotten. Sometimes it speaks in Alastair's voice, dark and slippery, promising an end if he'll just say yes, if he'll just stop fighting. Sometimes it's the voice of Cain, soft and powerful, reminding him that there's not a damn thing he can do to alter the course he's on. Sometimes it sounds like the agonized cries of every soul he tortured in Hell. Sometimes it's not even a sound, it's just a vibration, deep in his very core.

Today it's the sound of his own heartbeat, quietly insinuating itself into Dean's subconscious as he stares at the ceiling above his bed, pulsing kill them, kill them.


And so now I'm going to tag:
[livejournal.com profile] indiachick (who I see now has already been tagged by someone else, but she hadn't been when I started writing this, so I'm leaving her here)
[livejournal.com profile] themegalosaurus (who needs to finish that [livejournal.com profile] ohsam prompt I'm dying to read)
[livejournal.com profile] agelade
[livejournal.com profile] duckondebut
[livejournal.com profile] madebyme_x
[livejournal.com profile] justmep2 (who I didn't wish a happy birthday because I suck :-/ )
[livejournal.com profile] sw0rdy

If you've already been tagged and I missed it, or you don't have anything to post, or don't feel like playing, feel free to ignore, or unfriend me, or tell me how much I suck, or grab your torch and pitchfork, or whatever you need to do.

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In which I complain about many things, some of which are SPN-related but none of which are actual complaining about SPN or contain spoilers for any part of S10.

(The title is from "Save Yourself" by Breaking Westward because yes, not only am I stealing song lyrics for fic titles, but for general journal entry titles as well, because I'm JUST THAT UNINSPIRED.)

1. I think they need to add a new diagnosis to the DSM. I think I'm clinically annoyed. Kind of like being clinically depressed, but instead of depression, it's this free-floating annoyance at everyone and everything and it never really goes away. (Or could it just be that I'm surrounded by annoying people and things? No, it's probably me.)

2. I need to get up ridiculously early tomorrow and therefore I really should go to bed ridiculously early tonight rather than watching Supernatural and maybe someday that will happen but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY. And it would mean I'd have to stay offline tomorrow to remain unspoiled and I'm not prepared to do that, because tomorrow is going to be a long and boring day and I'll need some internet to keep me sane.

3. I got spoiled for this week's episode of Better Call Saul; come on Yahoo, can't you make your stupid headlines just a tiny bit vague? Also, OH MY GOD, BETTER CALL SAUL. How can I watch a show where a younger brother is trying to emulate his older brother without reading Sam and Dean into it and then JESUS CHRIST. MY HEART. (My policy on spoilers applies to Better Call Saul as well, so if you want to discuss it in the comments, please pretend you haven't seen the preview for next week's episode.)

What, that wasn't whiny enough for you? You want more? Then go ahead and click. )

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This comes from [livejournal.com profile] alexisjane, who says to share three lines from three WIPs. Unfortunately I only have one WIP right now so it will have to do.


He pictures his hands stained red with Sam's blood and he wonders if he can do it and if he would forgive himself if he did, and if Sam would forgive him if he didn't, and now here's Cheryl Kramer, sitting here in this interrogation room like the ghost of fucking Christmas future, showing him what it's going to feel like.


Post yours!

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Signed up for [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang, is what I did (begins biting fingernails).
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It's hard to believe 2014 was my first full calendar year in the SPN fandom. You've all made it a ridiculously fun experience.

Thanks to all of you who have participated in my sometimes ridiculous polls, and read/commented on my fic and reviews. And thanks for sharing your own reviews and fic and art and meta and everything. Being able to talk, and laugh, and complain, and speculate, and fangirl with you guys... I can't adequately explain what it means to me.

I don't make resolutions, but I do have some things I hope to accomplish in 2015.

1. Continue to have a poll for each episode of S10.
2. Continue to write a drabble for each episode of S10.
3. Fill out a row on my SPNspiration bingo card.
4. Finish the sequel to my version of what happened after 9.23 before it, too, is completely Kripke'd.
5. Participate in another Big Bang.
6. Maybe participate in Summergen? I don't know. This one scares me.

Anyway. I've got work to do. Happy new year, y'all!
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Yes, friends, I am in sin and error pining today, for my sins are many and egregious.
Things done and left undone )

So, what's my penance?

(BTW, if you don't recognize the title, it's from "O Holy Night," which is the Christmas carol I'm obsessively listening to this week.

O holy night, the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear savior's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appeared and a soul felt its worth

Two very different, but both completely amazing versions, are by:

Straight No Chaser

and Weezer

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Four things. Spoilers for 10.02 but they're also spoiler tagged inside so you can go ahead and click through if you haven't seen that one yet.

Strategically calibrating expectations )

Oh, wait, I have a number five, but it's not even remotely SPN-related. I'm wearing black pants and navy trouser socks. And I noticed before I left the house and said "oh, fuck it" and left anyway. I don't know why I feel like you need to know that. And who am I to make fun of Hannah's weird short pants, when I deliberately leave the house like this? (Boom. There you go. It's SPN-related now. Because everything is.)

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I'm working on a fic with a scene that takes place in and around Bobby's panic room, and I suddenly realized - that place locks from the outside. Why would you want a panic room that locks from the outside? Shouldn't the lock be on the inside? Otherwise, whatever you're hiding from can just lock you in and leave, right?

Also, I had a medical test done recently that required me to lie on a cot with my arms hanging straight out over the sides, like this. (No, there was no devil's trap on the floor - not that I noticed, anyway.)

And you know what? That really hurts. After just a minute or so, my arms, especially my elbows, were extremely sore. Filming this scene must have been excruciating.

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Sam and Dean didn’t grow up in Kansas, but John did (as far as we know). And since the boys were so transient, their vocabulary would most likely have been based on John’s example, rather than any particular geographical area where they might have landed. In other words, they should sound like they’re from Kansas. Here are a few tips…Read more... )[livejournal.com profile] snickfic has a good post on American vs UK writing; you should check it out if you're looking for a more authentic American voice. 


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