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Can we talk Sherlock? Spoilers for 4.02 ahead.

It's not a spoiler to point out that Sherlock continues to poke me with references that remind me of SPN. 4.01 had the "appointment in Samarra" story, and 4.02 gave us H.H. Holmes! As well as (here come the spoilers)...

here be spoilers )
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I used to listen to the news on NPR every morning while getting ready, but I haven't been able to stomach the news since the election, so I'm listening to podcasts instead. I have a slew of non-fiction favorites (mostly NPR shows like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, This American Life, etc.) but right I'm really into fiction. I've been a fan of Welcome to Night Vale for years, and I love the other podcasts by the same group (Alice Isn't Dead and Within the Wires, but not the Orbiting Human Circus, which I tried and disliked), and I'm looking for more weird serial fiction. Some others I've enjoyed are Limetown and The Black Tapes.

Now, here's a story that shows how everything comes back to Supernatural in the end. The Black Tapes is a serial podcast following a fictional journalist who's working with a paranormal skeptic (a James Randi type) to investigate a series of paranormal/supernatural events. I'm midway through season 2 and so far it has featured: "chosen" children, a wife who has been taken, drawings of pentagrams surrounded by concentric circles and weird symbols, demons (including one whose name is pronounced differently but would probably be spelled Azazel), possession and exorcisms, ghosts, arcane texts, you name it. Even a female character named Charlie. So every episode ends up pinging my Supernatural radar in one way or another. And I've been thinking that a crossover would be fun. Like, since The Black Tapes takes place in the Pacific Northwest, what if the journalist keeps running into the Supernatural crew on location and doesn't understand that they're taping a TV show? And she points out a pentacle surrounded by concentric circles and they tell her "yeah, Jerry paints those, he does a great job?" And someone sends her mysterious VHS tapes with grainy images of exorcisms, but they're just copies of Supernatural episodes?

Anyway. The episode I listened to this morning had the protagonists heading to Vancouver, which of course grabbed my attention, because look! My little crossover dreams are coming true! And then they said they were going to Riverview Hospital! Could it get any better? But they ruined it by explaining that Riverside is a vacant hospital that's used as a setting for movies and TV shows, and listed several of them, including Supernatural. A shout-out that would normally fill me with glee, but this time it made me sad, because it means the journalist is aware of the show and my fantasies/plot bunnies about her accidentally stumbling onto the set have been Kripked. Oh well.

The point of all this is that I'm looking for more, similar podcasts, and since you obviously have excellent taste, I'm hoping you have some suggestions! (No podcasts of SPN fanfiction, please.)

(Also, now I'm dying to hear a phone call between this journalist and Sam Winchester, with Sam awkwardly trying to keep her away from a dangerous situation without giving anything away... I wonder if there is any kind of audience for such a crossover?)
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I never even watched Gilmore Girls. But I'm aware of it, for reasons that should be obvious.

So very obvious, these reasons.

Potential reboot spoilers ahead.

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I want to see this week's episode of Hannibal remixed as an episode of Supernatural.

Vaguely spoilery for this week's Hannibal ep )

And then there's this. As I was skipping through commercials, a man in a promo for a new show caught my eye, and I thought "oh, nice, Tahmoh got himself a new series."

Because it does look like him, doesn't it? (Yes, I took pictures of my TV. Lame, I know.)

But apparently it's some guy named

And you know, I just refuse to believe this is a coincidence. I think whoever this is (I know it's you, Tahmoh), he's pulling a real life Supernatural fake identity thing. You know how people almost never notice Sam and Dean's ridiculously obvious pop culture aliases? I think someone (Tahmoh) is laughing at us for not getting this one.
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In which I complain about many things, some of which are SPN-related but none of which are actual complaining about SPN or contain spoilers for any part of S10.

(The title is from "Save Yourself" by Breaking Westward because yes, not only am I stealing song lyrics for fic titles, but for general journal entry titles as well, because I'm JUST THAT UNINSPIRED.)

1. I think they need to add a new diagnosis to the DSM. I think I'm clinically annoyed. Kind of like being clinically depressed, but instead of depression, it's this free-floating annoyance at everyone and everything and it never really goes away. (Or could it just be that I'm surrounded by annoying people and things? No, it's probably me.)

2. I need to get up ridiculously early tomorrow and therefore I really should go to bed ridiculously early tonight rather than watching Supernatural and maybe someday that will happen but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY. And it would mean I'd have to stay offline tomorrow to remain unspoiled and I'm not prepared to do that, because tomorrow is going to be a long and boring day and I'll need some internet to keep me sane.

3. I got spoiled for this week's episode of Better Call Saul; come on Yahoo, can't you make your stupid headlines just a tiny bit vague? Also, OH MY GOD, BETTER CALL SAUL. How can I watch a show where a younger brother is trying to emulate his older brother without reading Sam and Dean into it and then JESUS CHRIST. MY HEART. (My policy on spoilers applies to Better Call Saul as well, so if you want to discuss it in the comments, please pretend you haven't seen the preview for next week's episode.)

What, that wasn't whiny enough for you? You want more? Then go ahead and click. )

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I was pleased to see From Dusk Till Dawn available on Netflix; I've been interested in it ever since I first heard of it, and I don't get the network it's on. Imagine my surprise when I started watching it and discovered it's a big Supernatural AU fanfic.

I've only seen three episodes, but so far we have:

  • Two attractive brothers

  • One of whom is a little taller and has longer hair

  • Who drive around in a black late 60s muscle car, named after an animal, with Kansas plates

  • Who have a messed up dysfunctional codependent relationship

  • With a tragic backstory that includes a parent who was killed in a fire while they were young

  • With one brother rescuing the other from the fire

  • And the taller brother with longer hair has psychic visions

  • And there are vampires with retractable teeth

  • And Adrianne Palicki

Also, director/producer Robert Rodriguez lives in Austin and likes to work there. Hey, Robert, I know someone, maybe a neighbor of yours, that you should hire.

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A couple of weeks ago, Hannibal featured a killer who seemed, at the beginning, to be non-human. It turned out to be a human using a mechanized animal-style jaw to kill people in an animalistic way.

But watching the non-human-style killings made me think how fantastic Supernatural could be if it were done by the people who are doing Hannibal. On the network that's showing Hannibal. In Hannibal's time slot. With Hannibal's budget. The gorgeous, cinematic style. The pacing. The writing. The gore, guys. You can't even imagine the gore they'd be allowed to show - no stupid spray of arterial blood every time someone gets killed. The dream sequences. Supernatural would be so beautiful, it makes me want to cry.

And they keep teasing me by featuring noteworthy SPN guest stars:
Read more... )

Ironically, a lot of Hannibal fans complain that it would be so much better on cable. And yeah, it would. But a word to the Fannibals... just count your blessings that your favorite show isn't on the CW!

Anyone else a fan?


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