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When Mary finally finds her boy he's stumbling through the woods, weak and confused, and convinced that she's been dead for years, which just confirms her worst fears, and the knowledge that Dean spent weeks (weeks that must have lasted decades for him, christ) in the grip of a djinn who fed on his nightmares breaks her heart right in two, but when she realizes the djinn gave him a future where Sam survived the fire, suddenly she's not sure if it fed on his greatest fears or granted his deepest wish, and when she has to wrap herself around six feet of bewildered teenager and explain that no, they cannot go find Sammy, she thinks maybe she's the one with nightmares bleeding out of her veins.
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Sam is on his knees, hands bound behind his back, coughing up his own blood, knowing the face of the MoL's enforcer is the last thing he'll ever see, vision going dark around the edges, when he sees Dean run into the room, face frozen in horror, and somehow Mom is with him, somehow Mom and Dean are together, somehow his last desperate hope actually came true and Billie relented and let his brother into Heaven with their mother, and maybe they're here to meet Sam as he leaves this world, maybe Sam will be allowed to join them and maybe he won't, but it doesn't matter, this is enough, Dean made it to Heaven and Sam got to see him one last time and this is enough, so he struggles to his feet and it hurts, oh god it hurts, but he will not meet death on his knees, not this time, and he smiles before he spits a mouthful of blood at the bastard who twisted the blade into his gut, because this is a good day to die.
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Sam's conversation with Chuck. Because it's criminal that we didn't get this in 11.22. (Banged out in an hour or so, and it shows, but I had to get it off my chest.)

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I know at some point I speculated that the string of truly excellent episodes we had this season were just the showrunners buttering us up before a long descent into crappiness.

Why do I mention that? No reason.

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Twenty-seven years later, Jesse and Cesar decide someone needs to keep an eye on the old bisaan burrow, just in case. A tag for 11.19, "The Chitters."

also on AO3

As it turns out, "retirement" is kind of a gray area. Cesar and Jesse don't pursue hunts, but when you're a hunter, when you know what's out there, the hunt finds you sometimes. When you're a hunter, you recognize that it isn't a wolf terrorizing the neighbor's cattle, and you feel compelled to do something about it. And Cesar was more dead-set on retirement than Jesse, but he's the one who figures out planting marigold and sage along the fenceline and painting a few sigils on the fenceposts will keep the bastards out. Which just proves that you can take the man out of the hunt, but you can't take the hunt out of the man.

And when the boys come along, even Cesar readily admits that he doesn't want them out there ignorant and unprotected.

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A/N: Just a quick ~2300 word AU tag for episodes 11.18 and 11.17 that I couldn't get out of my head so I had to write it down. I read somewhere that 11.18, "Hell's Angel," was originally supposed to come before 11.17, "Red Meat." For the purposes of this fic I'm pretending things did actually happen in that order.

(The title is from Let's Go Crazy by Prince. For reasons.

Instead of asking him how much of your time is left
Ask him how much of your mind, baby

AO3 version


It seemed like a good idea at the time. Sam was still on doctor-ordered, post-werewolf bedrest. Dean had a call for help from a hunter in Tallahassee. Sam had an irrational hatred of the entire state of Florida. Amara was hunkered down somewhere off their radar, and Lucifer was under her control. There really didn't seem to be a good reason for Dean not to go help Buck out. One day down, one day to gank the monster, one day back. Even Sam insisted he'd be fine, that he wouldn't even leave the bunker.

God, it was a stupid idea.
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Sorry this episode's poll is so late - sometimes life gets in the way!

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Then: On October 1, 2009, thousands of loyal SPN fans watched "The End," one of the very best episodes of one of the very best seasons of the show, and then many collapsed and died of the feels. And a week later it was followed by "Fallen Idols," which would have been mediocre even if it hadn't had Paris Hilton.

Oh, no, wait. That's not the Then.

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It feels like sacrilege to rewrite any part of 11.17, because it was so good. And yet there are things we didn't get to see, and Sam really needed to be hospitalized after all of that, and if I weren't okay with sacrilege, I wouldn't be watching this show anyway. So here's my 11.17 tag.

Also on AO3

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Before we start, let me quickly say thank you. The comments on last week's poll were full of interesting conversation and astute observations and you guys just add so much to my ridiculous little polls and I love you all. Regulars, visitors, lurkers, people who always comment, people who vote but never comment... thank you all for being here. {smooches}

(Sloppy declarations of love? I might be a teeny bit intoxicated from 11.17!)

Now, on to the poll!
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